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Why You Should Choose Cruise Vacations Over Ordinary Vacations Each year, cruise vacations are getting more popular. It was not so long when cruise vacations were limited only to those who are super rich or senior citizens who have means to pay for the trip. The opposite is happening these days. Going on a seven day cruise cost is comparable to what you will spend on a seven-day vacation abroad, especially since there are plenty of inclusions and extras in an all-inclusive cruise vacation. Here are some reasons why cruise vacations might be preferable over your normal vacation getaway. You get more from your cruise vacation’s payment
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You can get your money’s worth out of a cruise vacation compared to a land-based vacation. Booking for a cruise vacation means paying for the entire vacation cost which includes all meals and activities available on the ship. On the other hand, vacation by land means paying for travel and accommodation only, and daily activities along with meals means extra cost. If you include the cost of transportation for unplanned trip, restaurant meals and admission fee to parks, you would see it cruise vacation is better.
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Cruise food is the best! Going on a regular vacation means deciding on your own food. Because you will be dining in different restaurants, there is no assurance that you will get excellent food all the time. If you go on a cruise vacation, one of the things you can expect is the excellent quality of food for the whole trip. Your choices are endless as the restaurants cater almost everything. Food is always available for everyone. Great service You would feel like royalty with the treatment cruise staff provide their guests. The staff are well-trained and friendly and gives impeccable service. If you have food preferences and are unhappy with your current food, the staff would willingly replace it with your choice. You will be treated as a special guest on a cruise ship and not a customer. Perhaps you have never considered cruise vacation before, but now that you know about it, you should definitely think about going on one. Most cruise lines offer special deals and discounts which attract people to cruise vacations. There is even last minute cruise deals for those who decided to go on vacation at the last minute. Last minute cruises might be difficult to come by during the holiday season, though. You can definitely save a lot from these last minute cruise deals. There will also be disadvantages to such deals so better research before booking a last minute cruise deal.

iSpiice Details New Ways to Volunteer and Help in India


Dharamsala, India — Integrated Social Programs in Indian Child Education, or iSpiice, detailed a number of new ways to Volunteer in India. The iSpiice Volunteer Programs in India range in duration from two to twelve weeks and are open to individuals, groups, couples, students, and all others. iSpiice program participants can help with everything from teaching English or Information Technology skills to assisting with childcare, community renovation projects, and women’s empowerment initiatives. Whether for a rewarding break from everyday life for professionals or for a student’s Gap Year India has an almost endless variety of volunteer opportunities to offer, and iSpiice is one of the most accessible and productive ways of getting involved.

“India is an amazing country and there are a great many ways to provide much-needed help here,” iSpiice founder Varun Verma said, “We’re happy to report that we have recently developed a number of incredibly accessible and rewarding programs to allow people from all over the world contribute. For nearly a decade, we have been working closely with communities throughout India to make a real difference in the lives of their members. It’s never been easier to get involved, so we encourage all who are interested to visit our website at to learn more and get started.”

With nearly 1.3 billion residents today, India is the world’s second most populous country. Although remarkable economic strides have been made in recent decades, nearly a quarter of the nation’s population still gets by on less than $1.25 per day. That leaves many Indians vulnerable to all the dangers associated with extreme poverty, even while fellow citizens elsewhere in the country more regularly enjoy access to the security and comfort that development brings.

iSpiice was founded by Varun Verma, a native of India himself, in 2008. After spending ten years away from his rural home village, Verma returned to find that little had changed, even while the lives of many Indians in other places were being transformed by new opportunities. Knowing that many generous people around the world would be interested in providing assistance and experiencing India themselves, Verma laid the foundations of iSpiice, an organization that has since helped place and guide thousands of volunteers while steadily expanding its mission.

With a number of meaningful new volunteering opportunities now becoming available, participation in iSpiice is more accessible than ever before. Ranging from brief, two-week sessions spent teaching English or working with street children to programs of up to twelve weeks focusing on health education, computer skills, and summer camps for children, iSpiice has a volunteer opportunity for everyone. Those interested in learning more or applying can do so at

About iSpiice (Integrated Social Programs in Indian Child Education):
Since 2008, iSpiice has helped people from all over the world provide meaningful, rewarding assistance and education to many of India’s underserved communities.


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Enjoy a Rio de Janeiro Vacation Travelling to other countries is a fun and educational experience because you learn a lot of different things about their culture and way of life and at the same time you enjoy all the different activities that the place has to offer. Rio de Janeiro in Brazil is one such place which boasts of the fullness of its culture, fascinating and exotic wildlife, festivals, and an assortment of activities which will make your visit fun and exciting. Here you will understand the Brazilian zest for life with their many fun festivals and other activities that will offer you loads of enjoyment. You can also find many spectacular beaches in Rio where you can stay in one of their luxury hotels and other attractions like the Christ the Redeemer statue atop the Corcovado mountain in the Tijuca National Park and which overlooks the city. Those who want to visit Rio in Brazil should do some careful planning and try to find some cheap airline tickets for that place. The savings that you will get from cheap flights will allow you to have more fun and do more activities in the place. During the peak carnival season from November to January you can get cheaper tickets for Rio and if you want more discounts you can make bookings from the Rio airport Rio de Janeiro is a perfect vacationing place any time of the year because of its tropical weather but the carnival season is the peak season from November to January. There are many prominent industries in the city of Rio from which they generate their revenue and many tourists who have come have expressed their desire to expand their business here, businesses including steel making ,chemicals, publishing, food products, and other common industries aside from the tourism industry. If history is to be traced there were early Europeans who first came here through the Guanabara bay which was followed by other explorers who made their mark on this city. The French colonists also made their mark in this city giving it much of its historical sites which delight tourists to this day. Rio boasts of millions of tourists coming each year and that is why is has become one of the most popular attractions in the world. It is time to book your cheap flight to Rio to make way for your exciting and fun-filled vacation.5 Uses For Traveling

Resources: 10 Mistakes that Most People Make